Success of Forex Trading

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Where is success of Forex trading????? 🔸Make good Analysis🔸Practice proper MM🔸Avoid emotions🔸Avoid greedyness🔸Avoid Revenge trading🔸Take patience for good one🔸Be discipline Now Forex is so easy for you🤑🤑💰💯💯 💠Money management is so important(100++%) in Forex Why proper MM?? Because we have good day & bad day in Forex. Proper MM will help you to struggle against your bad days!!! 🔸There is no 100% profit in Forex🔸It’s not necessary that your every… Read More »Success of Forex Trading

No right way to trade

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The type of trader YOU are depends on your personality and your lifestyle. These are just a few examples of how personality can determine your trading style (these styles can be and often are used together) ▶️SWING traders are generally patient. They don’t mind waiting several hours for profits and they do NOT feel the need to sit by the computer for hours watching the market move ⏰ . ▶️SCALPERS… Read More »No right way to trade